Social Returns

Las Azucenas has an alliance with Stones of Light Education Foundation to create social impact.


Each purchase of High-Value Hardwood trees helps provide education for people in need living in rural locations across Guatemala.

Job Creation

Local people are involved in every aspect of our reforestation processes. This ensures our initiatives directly benefit the surrounding communities.

Las Azucenas

Stones of Light Education Foundation: Social Impact

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1. Online Education

In conjunction with Colegio Del Futuro, students receive access to excellent online courses using a smartphone or tablet.

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2. Impressive Results

Students enrolled in the Colegio Del Futoro system are performing in the top 6% of Central America.

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3. Culture Preservation

Stones of Light is focused on preservation of families and culture. Students are educated in their home villages.

Las Azucenas

Equal Education Access For All

Stones of Light recognizes the tremendous need for women and girls in these areas to have equal access to education. Women and girls are thriving in the Stones of Light education program.

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Job Creation

With an average maturation age of 18-20 years, these trees provide a consistent source of work for the local communities as well as provide continuing economic incentives to produce sustainable products.

We have created 100’s of Jobs & Educated 1,000’s of people in the Northern Triangle of Central America.